I have lived in Los Angeles for the better part of 4 years and whilst I have managed to stick it for so long, I have been exploring other locations to spread my wings to. L.A. has its perks and even stating that you’re from L.A. sparks some interesting conversations, particularly online with other nationalities who have watched any US series… But, all things considered, I could consider trading in the glitz and glam of being an L.A. woman.

So here are my top 10 reasons to potentially live in Las Vegas:

“Low cost of living and great working opportunities for the youth.”

1. Low cost of living and great working opportunities for the youth – I may not be fresh out of college with the world at my fingertips but I still consider myself pretty young with plenty of potential to offer to the world! I’ve heard that with the large amounts of tourists flocking to casinos on a regular basis means that taxes are pretty much paid for. I could also earn more as a bartender than I could as a Compensation Analyst or even a Manager! Rent is also much cheaper than it is in L.A. leaving me with more money for my shopping sprees and addiction to food! Hurray!

2. Food, alcohol and more food options – Yes, according to my sources, my addiction to food would greatly be satisfied with several spots to feast! How can I refuse food options from all around the world without having to leave the Strip? I’ll need a car to ensure that I don’t miss out, but with the number of hot new eating spots opening at a rapid rate, the foodie in me will never get bored!

“The arts community seems to be on the rise with its own Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas.”

3. Arts and diversity – The arts community seems to be on the rise with its own Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. Yes, more creative food options for lil’ ol’ me to feast on but plenty of performing arts to help me burn of any extra calories I might consume as I clumsily attempt to join.

4. My insomnia will definitely feel right at home – Being a person with an overactive brain, simply turning my mobile phone off or closing my laptop for the night does not always result in me sleeping, unlike many people in my social network, be it online or real life. Living in a city that literally never sleeps, will allow me to remain productive instead of being confined to the walls of my tiny apartment because no one in their right mind would still be wandering the streets at this ungodly hour.

5. Driving my car but being able to find parking – Ample parking everywhere! Perfect. No more of those tickets I keep getting for leaving my car too long after forgetting where I’ve parked my car after going around so many times trying to find parking. It usually takes me longer to get to my location than the time limit given to me by the parking meter.

6. Pooch heaven! – Las Vegas is apparently very friendly towards dogs, so there will not be any difficulties moving there with my Kelly! Also, with the extra money in my pocket, I may be able to afford another dog to keep her company whilst I work my shifts at the bar!

7. It’s not far from L.A. – Not exactly close, but I will still be able to drive down to meet with the friends I’ve made in Los Angeles these past four years and have somewhere exciting to invite them to when they have some time for a break!

8. Unexpectedly first-rate place to raise a family – I wonder if I should meet a hubby before or after moving to Las Vegas… I’m not sure I would be able to handle a drunken gambler after moving as well as a new pooch and bouncing kids!

9. The people – Whilst I have managed to build up quite a solid social network here, I find it difficult to deal with the vast amounts of snobs I have to deal with on a daily basis… I’ll take bartending over being a struggling actor or writer any day for a regular pay. Why shouldn’t I interact with other people who are happy to have their taxes paid for by gamblers and drunks?

10. Being able to say that I live in Sin City! – That’s just a perk in itself!