If you are ever in Los Angeles, you will definitely find yourself surrounded by an extensive number of restaurants, from the casual diner like sandwich joint, to intercontinental, to fine dining! The choices out there can be overwhelming and I’m still discovering new places to try. However, there are some places I will always return to for a number of reasons.

If you are on a budget and want a sandwich which is to die for, go to Philippe the Original. My personal favour is the Swiss Cheese Dipped Sandwich and side of potato salad, and an incredible apply pie to top it off! If I’m after something a little heartier, there are so many options to choose from!

“For the sushi freak like me, you’ll definitely need to pay a visit to Sushi Gen.”

For the sushi freak like me, you’ll definitely need to pay a visit to Sushi Gen. While on the more costly side, the quality of sushi and fish is divine and you will be so mesmerised by sushi chefs creating your dishes that you will forget how hungry you are, temporarily! It’s so fresh and creatively prepared that you will have to go back again and order different things on the menu just to see what they’ll come create!

Looking for a typical diner? Look no further than Langer’s! I love this place and it’s famous for its pastrami sandwiches. Aesthetically, this diner may not be incredibly pleasing but it still has managed to keep an authentic feel. Biting into the sandwich (#19 on the menu please note), you’re just taken into a new world of feels!

Crossing over the border, but still never leaving Los Angeles, Casa Vegas is the place to go for authentic Mexican food, although I do have to admit that I haven’t been there in a while after prices started increasing for no apparent reason…

Could it be that they are catering for more celebrities hiding in the dark dining areas and trying to make an extra buck? I don’t mind, so long as the quality stays the same, or improves!

“Try get yourself a table at Fig & Olive Melrose Place. “

If you want to eat like the stars, and can afford it, try get yourself a table at Fig & Olive Melrose Place. I have eaten here a couple of times and tried to get a glimpse of some celebrities, Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling for example. I never managed to focus on anything but the food, its presentation and the overall clean, bright ambience of the restaurant. My personal favourites to date are the Rosemary Lamb Chops and the Paella del Mar. Celebri-who??

Finally, I need to make a couple of mentions for desserts! It would be completely sinful to never try Republique’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and totally sinful to do so! Make sure you have no weight-loss goals you need to reach this week! Same goes if you are anywhere near Manhattan Beach Post on the L.A. coast. If you like chocolate, peanut butter and bacon, then you must order The Elvis and tell me you don’t see heaven!

I hope these restaurant suggestions serve you as well as they have me! Life wouldn’t be the same without them!