You might have heard of how Las Vegas is that one great place you can keep secrets in.

It turns out, you could do a whole lot more than just keeping secrets out there – like ensuring that the pot you smoke stays in Las Vegas too.

It’s an interesting phenomenon this, but a true one at that. If you got a bit too giddy while you are in Las Vegas, or just bought a little more pot than what you would have liked, and don’t know where you can throw it away to; don’t worry.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in July last year, and since then, in spite of a public ban on smoking, it has far exceeded sales expectations. If you are 21 and above, you can buy up to an ounce of pot – but use it only in private homes. No, you cannot even use it in any of the hotels in Las Vegas.

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Just look out for the ten green bins located in and around the Sin City airport. These are a kind of amnesty boxes that can help you avoid problems when you board the flight.

It needs to be remembered that marijuana is still legal only in a handful of States, and even when the drug is legal in Nevada, it’s illegal for the U.S. government. And throwing it away in one of these green boxes is just an easy way to get rid for it.

Trying to play it smart and want to take a few of this pot to enjoy later on? Well, you can’t. The bins have been designed in such a way that people can only put marijuana and other prescription drugs in – not take them out. The metal containers are bolted to the ground too, so if you are wondering to run away with the whole loot, it’s not going to worry as week.

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The amnesty boxes, as they are now coming to be known, is just what travellers to Las Vegas needs to help protect themselves from Transportation Security Administration agents.

If you get caught, your case is handed over to the local law enforcement.

It’s not that the concept is entirely new – there have been such amnesty boxes in two airports in Colorado before too. However, the ten at the Las Vegas airport is sure to be more popular, as the airport itself handles as many as 48.5 million passengers a year.

It should be remembered that marijuana and drug use is still a contemplated issue in the whole of United States. California, for instance, legalized recreational marijuana earlier this year, but airports are still struggling with the policies they need to take to ensure that passengers do not take the pot from one State to another.

I find it a bit ridiculous – if you can smoke pot in one State, you should be able to do it in another. Anyway, I guess I could just write about it – the decisions are left with the policy makers who sometimes, don’t seem to display the sense of mind that is expected of them.

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