About Me

Whilst the average Joe or Josephine sleeps peacefully, Raine sits heavily caffeinated at her laptop trying to keep track and write all the ramblings bursting from her overactive, little brain. If you want an honest opinion about everything and anything, then I am your girl. I am a thirty-something insomniac in the middle of the City of Angels, finding consolation in online rants about everything and everyone.

This city is the perfect place for me and my critical eye! The place I now call home, and not somewhere I will be leaving any time soon! Despite, my candid ramblings, I would not change it for the world! So much happens here that it is sometimes hard to keep up but with Los Angeles and Hollywood on the news and celebrity gossip sites. I am also fortunate to have a few friends of mine attempting to get their foot into Hollywood which means some may let slip about upcoming seasons and who will be in them. This is always something I can look forward to watching during my long sleepless nights! Going to parties with these friends around Los Angeles also means that there is some small chance of encountering one their co-workers on set… 15 years down the line when that person is receiving an Academy award, I can say I took tequila shots at one of the bars on Hollywood Boulevard with them!

I just wish there was not such a dark cloud hanging over free speech and artistic expression.

I cannot stand politics but how can it be ignored with the current circus ring master in charge of the government?We have an orange ferret as President with his little minions running around and speaking gobbledegook on his behalf.

How is this possible?! At least, with this current administration, I will not be running out of things to write about any time soon!

Having plenty of time to watch movies from my purple sofa or comfy bed, I am becoming quite the expert on Hollywood and movies being released, if I do say so myself. I will say it as it is, and if it is garbage or excellent, I will say it and explain why. Every description will be down to the last excruciating detail. There is no escape! The music industry will also fall victim to my criticising fingertips either and I will break it down to the last beat. I cannot stand a rip-off and an artist’s lack of originality will be revealed here. However, if it is original, whether I like it or not, I will give my utmost to explain whatever emotions are invoked by the music. I believe that artistic expression can come in any form and so long as I feel an emotion as a result, the piece will capture my attention.

After living in Los Angeles for four years (to date), I have had plenty of time to explore the ins and outs of this city, but there is still so much more to be discovered. I will be updating my blog about what to do here on a visit or whilst you are living here. Be warned, I am a food lover (unfortunately for my waist-line), so I will also be blogging about the best places to eat in Los Angeles and which restaurants are regularly visited by celebrities. Similarly, be kind and share your experiences with me! I love to try new food, and maybe take a sneaky photo of a celebrity openly enjoying their food as much as I am in that moment! As they say, sharing is caring!

Living in Los Angeles also means being close to Tinseltown in all its glory, so keep an eye out for the best locations to learn more about the world of film and any new attractions there may be! Maybe I should start my own touring company.

If you like reading through honest rants and genuine reviews of all things Los Angeles or Hollywood, feel free to click through my blogs and hit me up with any
suggestions for future blogs or a good discussion on my Contact page here.


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