I am not usually one who likes to read a review before going to watch a movie. I always find that it taints my overall perspective and I do believe that some reviews are a bit too biased. I also can’t stand high ratings simply based on the actors appearing in the movie. I am a very neutral person and not easily swayed by good looks or a particular name. If the actor or actress is good and merits my approval, he or she will definitely get it. If I fall in love with an actor in one movie for the performance given, it does not necessarily mean I’ll fall in love with him or her again in any other movie… I’m also not one to hold back from giving my honest opinion on the movie. If it’s rubbish, I will state it and rate it accordingly.

“My top choice for movie reviews will always be Rotten Tomatoes.”

All things considered, it is quite interesting to see what other people think of a movie after I have seen it and compare my own opinions with the masses. I do have a few picks of websites that I’m most inclined to use to rate my own views.

My top choice for movie reviews will always be Rotten Tomatoes. More often than not, you will get quite a balanced rating from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes which is relatively close to the audience rating. Sometimes, audience ratings will drastically differ from the critic ratings but, I am personally more inclined to stray towards the critic side for a genuine review. The website itself is generally more pleasing to the eye than most other websites I’ve come across.

IMDb is usually where I will check a review to confirm my own oddity compared to the rest of the world since the general rating by viewers is usually the complete opposite to what I would rate a particular movie. However, IMDb is more focused on the actual movie information than the ratings themselves.

Similar to Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic has a side by side rating of the movie as you move down the screen and automatically starts playing the trailer of the movie you’ve selected whilst allowing you to scroll downwards.

Flixter is a less cluttered version of Rotten Tomatoes but uses the same scoring given by the latter. Not as original as any of the other three websites mentioned, so you won’t be missing much if you don’t visit the page.

“The Guardian provides excellent and often humorous reviews.”

If you are more inclined to read more detailed but considerably more subjective reviews of your selected movies, The Guardian provides excellent and often humorous reviews of movies in article form. Logical Movie Reviews collects various reviews onto one page for the lazy person (me) who can’t be bothered surfing all over the web for sifting for different reviews.

The best reviews will always be your own, so don’t let anyone tell you what or how to think about a movie. Don’t be a lemming or a troll. Step out of the box, watch whatever comes your way and be genuine! Some of the best movies may probably be the most obscure or least grossing movies out there. Check the websites out for a few less popular titles and help them get the recognition they deserve.

Let’s make Hollywood great again!